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Real Housewives of New Jersey

See THIS Real Housewives Husband at Age 19: He Was a Total Hottie!

Wow! Can you figure out what current Real Housewives hubby used to be a devastatingly handsome teenager back in the day? ;When his wife posted this throwback picture, some of her followers commented that they thought the guy in the picture was Channing Tatum — you know, the massive hottie that inspired men to hit the gym again after starring in that little movie about male strippers, Magic Mike?

Others weighed in that he actually looks like the couple's two sons, who are pretty handsome themselves. One person even pegged him as a dead ringer for his only daughter. ;Personally, we're not very surprised by this guy's dashing good looks. After all, not just anyone could win the heart of this particular redheaded Housewife… everyone knows how picky Jersey gals can be!

Still stumped? Click through for the reveal!