Real Housewives’ Lisa Hochstein Wins Appeal in Effort to Destroy Home
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Real Housewives’ Lisa Hochstein Wins Appeal in Effort to Destroy Home

Real Housewives of Miami's Lisa Hochstein is one step closer to tearing down her historic home.

Miami preservationists have lost an appeal to stop the reality star and her plastic surgeon husband Leonard from tearing down their mansion at 42 Star Island, according to the Miami Herald.

Lisa and Leonard had initially received approval from the city to tear down their house, but the Miami Design Preservation league appealed the demolition.

The couple's mansion was built in 1925 and is located at a prominent corner of Star Island in Miami Beach.

A special master denied the preservation league's appeal, although the league's application to get the home designated as "historic" is still pending.

The league promises to still appeal this latest decision in court, but Leonard Hochstein doesn't sound worried.

"They’ll lose," he says. "They’ll delay us, and they’ll cost us more money, but that’s what these people do."

Tempers flared in recent weeks between the Hochsteins and the preservationists following a raucous gangster-themed party that the couple threw last month.

“Yes, if you took the party as a message and the middle finger, you are right!" Lisa tweeted recently. "Until we tear down 42 Star Island, we will throw as many theme parties as we want." So there.

As it turns out, we might not have to wait too much longer for the home to disappear.

Source: Miami Herald