Real Housewives’ Lydia McLaughlin: I Lost My Virginity at THIS Age!
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Real Housewives’ Lydia McLaughlin: I Lost My Virginity at THIS Age!

We're not going to name names, but plenty of Real Housewives stars have been around the block, if you get our drift. (We're talking about sex.) But apparently, that can't be said for Real Housewives of Orange County star Lydia McLaughlin, who waited a painfully looooong time before doing the deed.

Lydia reveals in a deleted scene from the Season 8 Reunion that she lost her virginity to her husband Doug and that she was 25 when she got hitched. You read that right: Twenty-freakin'-five.

"My husband was, too," Lydia says about her husband still having his v-card when they tied the knot in 2006. "We both were virgins."

So how did the other Housewives react to the news? For the most part, they were impressed. "I think that's so cool," Gretchen Rossi said, while Alexis Bellino called it "incredible" and Vicki Gunvalson deemed it "awesome."

And Heather Dubrow cracked us up with her reaction, pointing out, "It was a long 25 years." Sounds like an understatement to us.

However, Lydia clarified that she and Doug weren't completely chaste pre-marriage. "I mean, like, we did stuff," Lydia admits. "We just never had sex." Hmm.

So what exactly does "did stuff" mean? "No penetration, is what we're asking," Heather bluntly asks. And Tamra Barney wants to know: "Like dry humping?," to which Lydia says yes. Okay, then.

Lydia who met her husband in church proudly declares that she's only ever gotten it on with one man. "That's all I need," Lydia adds.

Way to go, Lydia and Doug! And by the way, we're thinking that The 25-Year-Old Virgin sounds like a Judd Apatow movie in the making.

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