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Real Housewives of Miami Season 3: Alexia Calls Lea a “Hypocrite!”

Who knew that a hello could cause so much drama? In this crazy scene from this week's Season 3 episode of Real Housewives of Miami, Ana Quincoces decides to say hello to Joanna Krupa before leaving the party. And that's when things go bad.

Before she can talk to Joanna, Ana first says hi to Lea Black. As Ana kisses Lea hello, Alexia Echevarria runs up to them. "That was being a hypocrite that kiss there between both of you," Alexia yells at them.

Then, as Lea leaves, she says goodbye to Marysol Patton by patting her on the cheek, which Marysol doesn't appreciate. "Don't touch me, don't look at me," Marysol says about Lea. Ouch!

So do you think Alexia was out of line? Or was her outburst warranted?