Real Housewives of Miami’s Roy Black Refuses to Appear on Show: Report
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Real Housewives of Miami’s Roy Black Refuses to Appear on Show: Report

Not every Real Housewife has a husband who’s dying to share the limelight with her on the Bravo franchise. Take Real Housewives of Miami star Lea Black’s significant other, for example. According to the site All About the Real Housewives, Roy Black, Lea’s attorney husband, refuses to participate in the show.

A source tells the site that it’s because “He wants to maintain his law reputation instead of being on reality TV.” That seems plausible, but the source adds, He is particularly embarrassed by the trailer, in which Lea is seen gyrating on a young man while on vacation with the cast. He is not looking forward to the rest of the season airing later this year.”

Whether or not that information is correct, Roy Black has expressed his desire to stay off the show before. In an interview with back in April, the lawyer explained, “I do not get involved in The Real Housewives. I have enough drama in my life as it is. I’m not getting between these women when they start getting in arguments and anything and I’ll support my wife. She’s always supported me on everything I do. So I support her being in the program, but it’s not my kind of thing I can assure you.”

After all the Real Housewives fights we’ve seen, staying on the sidelines might be the safest place to be.

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