Credit: Joe Corrigan/Getty Images Photo: Kim Zolciak Hosts a 2012 New Year’s Eve Bash in NYC

Coming up on Don't Be Tardy, the family drama is going from bad to worse for Kim Zolciak. In this sneak peek for the May 14 episode, she gets a surprise betrayal just days before Thanksgiving. It's bad enough that her mother is suing her, but now her pops is trash-talking her, too.

Even worse, Kim has to find out about it on the Internet. Donning her natural hair and no makeup, Kim sheds quiet tears while Kroy reads off the hurtful comments, including that she is a pathological liar. Over Kroy's shoulder, she can also read this low blow from her father: "She has been married twice and has three different fathers of her four children. Let's face the facts."

Poor Kimmie!

"I always thought that my dad was on my side. I guess I was wrong. Very wrong," the former Real Housewife of Atlanta tells cameras during a confessional interview.

Do you think Kim's dad went too far? Check out the sneak peek and tell us your thoughts below.

Source: Bravo