Credit: Bravo Photo: Sheree Surprises Tierra in "Not So Fine Print"

During Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, one of Sheree Whitfield's bigger storylines — aside from construction on Neverland — was her daughter's imminent engagement. Sheree had countless conversations with Tierra's boyfriend, Damon, about his proposal. The pair even went ring shopping together! As it turns out, though, it's been a year and Damon still hasn't put a ring on it.

When Sheree visited Andy Cohen at the Bravo Clubhouse on May 12 as his special guest on Watch What Happens Live, a caller asked about the status of the couple to see if they ever followed through on getting hitched.

"They're still together, but they're not married," Sheree updated the audience.

After Andy pointed out that Tierra and Damon didn't exactly get engaged on the show last year, Sheree clarified that they are still not fiance'd up.

"He didn't actually pop the question, so she's still waiting on that," Sheree confirmed.

Maybe now that he doesn't have the cameras breathing down his neck, Damon will feel a little less pressured to get down on one knee?