Credit: Kim Zolciak Twitter Photo: Kim Zolciak in the Car on October 5, 2011

With new information leaking that Kim Zolciak's parents have actually been paid by the media to trash-talk their own daughter, the former Real Housewife of Atlanta is absolutely furious. Just yesterday, one of her friends claimed to have proof that her parents are sellouts, and now Kim has taken to Twitter to tell her mom and dad how she really feels.

"My parents were paid for these stories! I hope it was worth it to sell your soul to the devil!!!," Kim ranted.

If this is true, we really don't blame Kim for hating on her parents.

Luckily, Kim has her own wonderful family now, with a supportive doting hubby, two awesome daughters, two adorable baby boys, and maybe more on the way!

Are you surprised that Kim's folks would do this to her? Sound off below!