Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Lisa Wu Holds Her Son, Justin

Playing along with Throwback Thursday, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Lisa Wu gave a shout-out to her son, Justin, for graduating from high school: She posted a baby picture of him! And, OMG, it is so cute.

Lisa shared the image on Instagram, writing, "Tbt. Dedicated to my baby graduating 2day. I Luv u so much & I'm so proud of u."

Aw, such an adorable baby! And we're not just talking about Justin. Lisa looks about 12 in this photograph. For the record, she is just as gorgeous now as she was then.

Congrats to her young man on a huge accomplishment and lots of luck to him as he enters the real world, by which we mean the round-the-clock party we like to call "college." Have fun!

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