Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo Photo: Phaedra Parks's The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Promo Pic

If you know anything about Real Housewives of Atlanta, you know how insanely particular and proper Phaedra Parks is about her own events and, well, everything else.

So when the Southern belle traveled to New York to visit Chef Roble on his Bravo show Chef Roble & Co.'s season 2 premiere, you had better believe that she came to odds with the chef, defending all her lovely Southern delicacies.

Chef Roble is supposed to cater one of Phaedra's upcoming events, a tea party, and the trained chef isn't buying into any of her old-school Southern food. We're talking pimento cheese sandwiches and ambrosia — and honey, we mean the kind that looks like a fruitcake.

Watching the chef pretend that he isn't completely disgusted by her food is everything. He notes that he hates the food but knows he cannot stray too far from what she wants without turning this Southern belle into the diva that we know she can be.

Check out a clip of the Southern food disaster here, and check out season two of Chef Roble & Co. premiering Wednesday, June 5 (aka tonight), on Bravo. 

Source: E! News

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