Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Nia Crooks

Looks like Basketball Wives star Nia Crooks won’t be serving any time behind bars for bitch-slapping her co-star Jennifer Williams during a heated argument that was all caught on film by the show’s camera crew a few months ago.

After the incident Nia was charged with misdemeanor battery and faced up to one year in prison, but instead she reached a plea deal and avoided the clink altogether. TMZ reports that instead of prison, Nia was sentenced to “1-year probation, $645 fine, and ordered to write a letter of apology, stay away from Jennifer and undergo 13 weeks of anger management.”

This sentence is not walk in the park either, but at least Nia won't have to spend any time wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Are you surprised that Nia was able to avoid jail time completely? Take a look at the law-breaking slap and then tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: TMZ