Credit: Photo via Instagram

Late last month Kandi Burruss let it slip that The Real Housewives of Atlanta were already filming Season 6, and now we have apparent photographic evidence that filming is in fact underway. Possibly.

On June 29 Kandi posted the photo on the right to Instagram with the caption, “I'm still working & I've been up since the crack of dawn & still working.....I’m sleepy.” The pic clearly shows a film crew hard at work, and while we can’t be sure that they are part of the RHoA team, we have our suspicions!

Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Kandi Burruss Is Filming

Filming is clearly “work” for Kandi and we can’t think of any other reason why a camera crew would be following her around unless it was RHoA-related. Her spin-off, The Kandi Factory, hasn’t gotten an order for another season (although there is still time for that) and she’s not working on any other television projects that we know of at the moment.

We’ve made our case, but do you think that’s an RHoA crew following our girl Kandi around? Share your thoughts below!