Sometimes it’s hard to forget that Kim Zolciak's husband, Kroy Biermann, is only 27. With a wife and soon-to-be five kids at home, it could easily sound like Kroy has the life of a man double his age, but the professional football player for the Atlanta Falcons is still a young guy.

And don’t let Kroy’s age fool you, because this pro athlete is still making bank! When one of Kroy’s Twitter followers mentioned a comment that Wendy Williams made stating that the Falcons’ defensive end only made $750,000 a year, Kroy quickly set the record straight.

@vdubnraleigh @WendyWilliams she might want to look again 12 million 3 yr!,” he tweeted in response.

Now that sounds more likely. With a cool $12 million coming in over three years we now totally understand how Kim and Kroy can afford that massive house they’ve been renovating for months. After all, what’s eight fireplaces when you’ve got several million in the bank?

Are you surprised by Kroy’s massive paycheck? Try to hide your envy and sound off below!