Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Kandi and Riley Burruss Model Clothes

Kandi Burruss may have had a relaxing Fourth of July weekend by the pool with her family, but The Real Housewives of Atlanta star had a pretty scary mishap with her car just a few days later, on July 8. Apparently, our girl Kandi was running some errands when she somehow ran into a metal pole that then went through the front of her car. Yikes!

Thankfully Kandi was unharmed, and she even posted a video of the aftermath of the accident to her Instagram account (below) writing, “If its not 1 thing it another! Dropped off my daughter this morning & somehow the metal pole got logged thru my car... Ugh!”

We have no idea how this could have happened, and it seems like Kandi is just as baffled by the events. “Look at this mess,” she says in the video before telling her fiancé Todd, “I don’t even know how this got in my car.”

Neither do we, girl. Neither do we.

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