Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images Photo: When Is Kenya Moore's Birthday?

Kenya Moore may be more than happy to be vacating the Atlanta home she was renting from Conya Dillon Weems, but that doesn’t mean the two ladies are ready to kiss and make up. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

While the judge who presided over yesterday's court hearing (in which Kenya agreed to leave Conya’s home by July 11) encouraged the ladies to work through the rest of their issues without getting the courts involved, it doesn’t sound like that’s happening.

In a text message to Access Atlanta reporter Rodney Ho, Conya — who wasn’t present in court yesterday — referred to Kenya as a “pathological liar” and noted that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star would “not steal my joy.”

Kenya and Conya (say that 10 times fast) are due back in court on July 18 to determine how much (if any) money Kenya owes her former landlord, and according to Kenya’s lawyer, Marcia Fuller, this is only the beginning of the court battle.

Despite the judge’s advice to keep their issues out of the courts, Marcia says Kenya plans to “file a counterclaim against Weems for defamation of character, slander and wrongful eviction.”

Looks like we know what Kenya’s RHoA Season 6 storyline will be! Do you think she has a case for defamation of character, slander and wrongful eviction? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Access Atlanta