Though lately K. Michelle’s wig beef with Tamar Braxton has been making headlines, the Love & Hip Hop star is now turning heads by showing off her stunning physique on the September cover of Sister2Sister magazine.

The red headed beauty looks flawless, posing in a form-fitted one piece, and the cover story is even more interesting as the singer dishes on her relationships and time on the reality show.

To clarify, K. Michelle first appeared on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta during Season 2, but left the show for New York’s Love & Hip Hop. While on this VH1 hit, she has be portrayed as the show’s “villain,” but K. Michelle says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Somebody’s got to bring the ratings,” she tells the magazine. “It falls on me; I take it. It is what it is. But I think people need to understand that I’m not always angry. I’m very calm. My manager always says I’m the most giving person out of any artist that he’s ever met. I will do anything for anybody.”

Are you buying K. Michelle’s story? Is she really just painted in a villainous light or is she evil right down to her wig? Tell us below!

Source: Sister2Sister