Credit: Instagram

Cameras and drama aside, it’s time to come together for our girl K. Michelle. The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and current Love & Hip Hop star just lost an integral member of her family — her godfather.

The news came on Sept. 2 when K. Michelle had to cancel an Atlanta performance.

“I apologize 2 all my Atlanta Fans. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. My godfather is in critical condition. Please send your prayers up,” the singer wrote on Instagram.

Sadly, that same day K. Michelle posted another message informing fans that her godfather had passed.

Luckily the singer has a way to channel her emotions — through song.

Only a few short days after her godfather’s passing, she shared a photo of herself in the studio saying, “So much on my heart today. The magic in here is so comforting. Been locked in here for two days. Writing for Your favorites. I think ill live here in peace for the next three months and see what happens.”

Hopefully K. Michelle will be able to overcome this loss by putting her passion into her music.

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