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The cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta definitely delivers when it comes to over-the-top fights and must-see drama. And while we may get our fair share of the reality stars in front the cameras, these guys are engaged in tons of scandalous activity behind the scenes.

The female stars of LHHATL aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. Behind the fancy clothes and 6-inch stilettos, these women have quite a few skeletons hidden in their closets and guys, we’ve got a roundup airing them out!

Joseline Hernandez

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Joseline Hernandez seems to be a scandal magnet when it comes to LHHATL. First, the internet went stir crazy, when it was suggested that Joseline was in fact born a man and is living life as a transgender woman. This prompted the former stripper to post a nude photo of herself on Twitter in June 2012 to prove that she’s the proud owner of lady parts. Naturally, Joseline regretted posted the photos — not because she’s embarrassed of showing her naked body, but because she felt pressured to prove herself. But the scandals just kept coming.

In August 2012, Joseline’s “sex tape” was unveiled to the world. The video features the reality star having one-on-one time with herself in various outfits while clearly addressing the public. Fans weren’t sure whether or not the video was made before or after she joined Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but it showed yet another side of the outlandish diva.

As we’ve also mentioned Joseline has a rap sheet, including two arrests in Miami for “lewd and lascivious behavior” in 2003 and 2007. The reality star gave the name Shenellica Bettencourt as well as a phoney age… if she’s not lying about being 26, that is.

The charges of “lewd and lascivious behavior” have caused fans to wonder if Joseline engaged in prostitution back in the day to earn extra cash, though she says she “stingy with the cooty cat.”

Last but not least, we can’t neglect one of the scandalous elephants in the room — Joseline’s pregnancy that was quickly aborted as per Stevie’s instructions. The Boricua approached Stevie’s baby mama about being with his child, and was promptly taken to the clinic to be “taken care of” during Season 1 of LHHATL.

Mimi Faust

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Aside from the alarming truth that Mimi and Stevie J. were caught under the sheets together while Eve and the producer was dating, shocking testimonies (from Stevie J.’s own lips) have been coming forward that the Mimi was in fact just another “side piece” — much like her pseudo archnemesis, Joseline, despite the 15 plus years she and Stevie have known each other.

In addition to that, Mimi was wrapped up in yet another scandal earlier this year involving her baby daddy Stevie when he took to Twitter to announce that he has custody of their daughter. This comes after weird allegations of Mimi being a pill-popping party girl who may or may not have been a groupie for rapper Ja Rule. Guys, Mimi was not ready to have the world think that she was incapable of taking care of her own kid and hopped on the radio to speak the whole truth, saying they “never went to court. Ever.”  

Shay “Buckeey” Johnson

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Shay Johnson may be known for her time in front the cameras for VH1’s Flavor of Love,Charm School, and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but it turns out girly has been doing more than reality TV. That’s right guys, Shay also has a leaked sex tape. In 2008, one of Shay’s “intimate” videos was released for public viewing, and the reality star wasn’t too happy about it:

“It troubled me to find out that my intimate act of love was classified as a SEX TAPE. I didn’t speak on it because I knew how tender the situation was between me and my partner … The truth is what I did was out of love for someone and for he and I to share and reflect on. It was never meant for thousands of people to view and make comments on … All I ask is for my fans to continue to love me and the haters can keep their job too.”

K. Michelle

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K. Michelle is yet another cast member with her fair share of scandals. Not only has this lady released diss records blasting her entire cast, but the Tennessee native has admitted to receiving plastic surgery for her breasts, to lift her plump rump, and liposuction to tighten her tiny frame. In June 2012, pictures surfaced online of a topless K. Michelle before her boob job and it obviously left fans in shock.

Furthermore, K. Michelle also made headlines after her mentor and “friend” R. Kelly hinted that the two may have gotten a little frisky in the studio while working on her record… but that’s not all.

Kay-Kay also revealed on the series premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta that she was in an abusive relationship with former manager/boyfriend Mickey “Memphitz” Wright. This proceeded to open up a huge can of worms since Memphitz is married to Toya Carter aka Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife.

It’s this admission that would start the epic beef between K. Michelle and reality star/singer Tamar Braxton (who just happens to be Toya’s friend). When Tamar “came to her friend’s defense,” K. Michelle would not take the accusatory tone likely and the ladies would go back and forth bashing each other in radio interviews across the country.

DJ Traci Steele

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The newest edition to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta block DJ Traci Steele’s got a little scandal of her own. Just last month a naked photo of the single mom was leaked onto the internet. Thankfully, the reality star hasn’t received as much negative feedback from fans and the public as she expected.

“I’m only human, I made a mistake,” Traci told Sister 2 Sister magazine. “Even in a relationship, you can send a picture to somebody that you love and you’re trying to keep your relationship interesting, but you don’t know where those pictures will land in the future. So, don’t do it,” she urged.

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