We knew that Porsha Stewart was a big fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta before becoming one herself, but we didn't know who she considered her favorite ladies on the program… until now!

When one of her Twitter followers asked her that very question, Porsha didn't hesitate in revealing her top 3 women from the ATL.

"Hmm I liked Kim & NeNe & Kandi," Porsha shared.

Obviously, everybody loves Kandi Burruss, so we're not exactly shocked about that one. We were, however, a little taken aback to learn that she considered Kim Zolciak to be one of her faves.

Unfortunately, she didn't get to know Kim very well since the wiggy blonde left the show early on during Season 5, Porsha's first, but Porsha did become pretty close with her third favorite, NeNe Leakes. Following Porsha's divorce, NeNe took the younger Housewife under her wing and has been helping her blossom into a more independent, powerful woman ever since.

Hopefully Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks don’t take this news too hard.

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