Credit: Photo via Instagram

Evelyn Lozada and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson parted ways last year after he allegedly assaulted her during an argument. Now, she is using what happened to her to help others.

The Basketball Wives star took to Instagram on October 14 to speak out against domestic violence, posting a grim photo of a woman with her head on the ground. On the woman’s hand are the words, “1,900 women die every year of domestic violence.”

“1 out of 4 women will experience domestic violence! #SilenceHidesViolence,” Evelyn captions the photo. “HeSaysItWontHappenAgain #HeSaysHeLovesMe #SPEAKOUT ❤️.” We admire Evelyn for taking something negative in her life and using it in a positive way.

Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Evelyn Lozada Instagrams About Domestic Violence

So what’s the latest between Evelyn and Chad? The two had the rumor mill in a tizzy earlier this year when photos surfaced of them holding hands at an event. But Evelyn later dismissed reconciliation rumors, saying that they were just holding hands as part of a blessing.

Chad clearly still has affectionate feelings for Evelyn, as he posted a photo last week of himself kissing Evelyn’s image on his TV screen. We’re not sure if this is sweet or kinda desperate. And doesn’t Chad realize that kissing a TV just means someone is going to have to grab the Windex bottle and rid the TV of your saliva?

We continue to wish Evelyn all the best as she moves forward with her life!