Credit: Instagram Photo: Porsha Stewart Bikini Pic

Do you adore Porsha Stewart's long, silky hair? We have good news for you! The Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie recently took to Instagram to share her secret weapon. Read on for all the details.

"Ok!! Hey ladies here is my new found HAIR SECRET! I just had to share @Hairfinity with you all! I have been taking it for a month and I already see a BIG difference in how strong my hair is after I wash it! Now I'm working on making it thicker," Porsha raved, adding, "I'll post a update pick each month so stay tuned! Your welcome. #hairsecrets #naturalhair#sheloveweavebutsheaintbald."

A bunch of her followers responded that they, too, use Hairfinity and swear by the product. The dietary supplement comes in a pill form and is filled with vitamins that help your locks grow faster and stronger. It seems to be good for all hair types!

We're not sure if it really works, but we have to admit that Porsha has one gorgeous head of hair.

Would you take vitamins for your tresses? Share your thoughts in the comments below!