Prepare to watch NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore go at it on the Season 6 premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta this Sunday!

In this preview video clip, Kenya approaches NeNe at Cynthia Bailey's event and wants to know why NeNe didn't contact her when she was facing a tough time in her life recently.

"I've been tormented for the last two months  it was just an illegal eviction," Kenya explains. "It's like, every time I'm going through something, nobody even says, 'Hey, you okay?'"

But NeNe isn't feeling sympathetic. "First of all, I planned a wedding for 425 people, you didn't reach out to me  so I'm going through things just like you're going through things," NeNe counters.

Credit: Instagram

Kenya doesn't see the similarity, saying, "Planning a wedding is a happy, momentous occasion." But NeNe fires back, "Not necessarily — it can be very stressful.

NeNe also says that she didn't necessarily believe the gossip rumors about Kenya. "You know my number," NeNe tells her. "I don't wanna reach out on gossip."

Then NeNe tells us, "Surely, I couldn't believe that she was homeless — not the person that has all these DVDs and producing everything all over the world, and you a top actress."

Finally, NeNe says she has to use the little girls' room, even though Kenya isn't done talking with her just yet. "You want me to pee in y'all glass?" NeNe offers.

We're guessing that's an offer that Kenya can refuse.

Source: Bravo