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Apparently, not everyone was as stoked as we were over the Season 6 premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We thought it was amazing, but a certain ex-husband of the Housewives was less than thrilled with the way things went down. Porsha Stewart's former Boo, Kordell Stewart, was outraged following the Season 6 debut. All About the Real Housewives has all the deets.

During the episode, Porsha once again brought up the past rumors that Kordell might be gay. She mentioned that she had asked him about the rumors early on in their relationship and that he denied them, but that there were times during their marriage when he wasn't interested in being intimate with her.

As a result, Kordell's Twitter blew up following the premiere with people hating all over his feed and demanding to know whether or not he's gay. "Hell naw," he replied to one woman.

He's since removed most of the tweets, including one that urged him to respond, "Man getcho ass off my page with that BS. You have no idea what happened over here. You sound like a bitch."

Kordell did retweet a few posts from his supporters.

One woman commented, "Very immature of her and so transparent. But if that's what she needs to do to feel better about her own behavior. Well then…"

He also retweeted this comment: "I bet @KSlash10 was helping Porsche's family out financially. Now that the bank is closed, they want to assassinate his character!!"

It looks like it's going to be a long season of ugly for the Stewarts.

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Source: All About the Real Housewives