If there’s anyone who can relate to the drama going on in Kandi Burress’ house (or should we say, houses?) these days, it’s her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Cynthia Bailey. As Season 6 viewers well know, Kandi’s mother, Mama Joyce, has been raking her fiancé Todd over the coals, insisting again and again that he’s not good enough for her daughter.

Sound familiar? You bet. It’s a sentiment we first heard two seasons back from Cynthia’s mom, who loudly protested Cynthia’s marriage to Peter Thomas. Sure, everyone’s finally getting along now, but it took a lot of work to get there. Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Cynthia empathizes with what Kandi’s going through and offered her advice.

“You know, Kandi and I have always been cool,” Cynthia tells Wetpaint Entertainment.  “We never really connected before, but we had all the reasons to connect. She has a little girl, I have a little girl. She’s a single mom. I used to say I was a single mom because, even though Leon was in Noelle’s life, we weren’t together. My mom is overprotective, her mom is overprotective. Well, make that extremely overprotective…”

At this point we had to interrupt because, personally, we think Mama Joyce jumped the overprotective shark a loooooong time ago. Doesn’t Cynthia agree?

“I guess I don’t know what the word is for Ms. Joyce at this point,” she admits. “But I do relate to a lot of what Kandi’s going through and dealing with.”

So what’s the solution? According to Cynthia, it begins and ends with her friend.

“Kandi’s the only person who can turn this situation around,” concludes Cynthia. “She has to decide to command the same respect from her mother that she gives to her mother. Kandi’s not a child, she’s a grown woman who makes responsible choices. And I just hope Miss Joyce sees that and eventually gives Kandi the same respect Kandi gives to her.”

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