Credit: Bravo

All Kandi Burruss wanted was a peaceful wedding dress fitting for her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Todd Tucker, but let's get real, people — this is Real Housewives of Atlanta, not Say Yes to the Dress.

The drama really started during tonight's all-new episode (December 8) when Mama Joyce enters the building, bad attitude in tow. Not only does Joyce think Todd is a total scrub, but she's also convinced that he's a little too chummy with Kandi's BFF/personal assistant Carmon, if you catch our drift.

"She think I want Todd," Carmon says prior to Joyce's arrival. "When she gets here I can only imagine…"

Well, let's just say it isn't pretty. Joyce wastes no time telling everyone how she really feels about Kandi and Todd's relationship, even revealing that she hopes they cancel the wedding. All the while Kandi's in the dressing room trying on gowns — and looking positively stunning, might we add — as things in the waiting area get tense.

"You know him better than anybody," Joyce says to Carmon, insinuating an inappropriate relationship between her and Todd. "You be around talking to him. You talk to him. You know him."

Faster than you can say "Bug a Boo," Mama Joyce is on her feet and waving her finger in Carmon's face. Poor Kandi tries her best to break up the fight, but Carmon and Joyce are just getting started…

"I will f— you up!" Joyce shouts during Round 2, as Kandi's family holds her back. "Why don't you leave?!" At one point she even takes off her shoe in apparent attempt to sock Carmon in the head!

Carmon somehow manages to keep her cool throughout the entire ordeal, but Kandi? Not so much. She's ready to throw in the towel on wedding dress shopping altogether — at least for today. Can you really blame her?

What did you think of tonight's epic feud between Carmon and Joyce? Whose side are you on? Weigh in below!