Things went from bad to worse for Porsha Stewart during tonight's all-new episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta on December 8. Hot off the heels of her highly-publicized split from now ex-husband Kordell Stewart, the reality star landed herself in the hospital after a mysterious fainting spell. On the upside, at least she got to miss that awkward dance class.

NeNe Leakes broke the news just before the twirling began, speculating that Porsha could possibly be anemic — a condition often caused by low iron levels in the blood. Porsha's sister Lauren didn't shed much more light on the situation except that she was stable and receiving treatment.

Later in the episode, Porsha opened up about the incident during a trip to the pharmacy. "I literally was walking down the stairs, I hit the last step, and after that I blacked out," she reported. "I was scared and confused out of my mind."

It doesn't seem like Porsha received an official diagnosis, but doctors told the H'wife that her fainting was likely caused by stress, poor nutrition, and dehydration. Porsha also learned that she has high blood pressure — since her diastolic number is over 90 (normal is around 80), she could also have hypertension.

Hopefully the upcoming trip to Savannah will provide Porsha with an opportunity for some rest and relaxation — but something tells us the drama is only just beginning...

Should Porsha skip the trip to Savannah and focus on her health? Tell us below and be sure to leave your well wishes for Porsha in the comments.