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The ladies take a drama-filled group trip to Savannah, Georgia, on the upcoming episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

In this preview video clip from the next episode, Kandi Burruss is stressing about her upcoming wedding to fiance Todd Tucker, on account of her mom's issues with Todd. "How am I gonna have a wedding if my family won't even come?" Kandi asks. "[My mom] doesn't see that this is hurtful."

Meanwhile, Mama Joyce criticizes Phaedra Parks for introducing Kandi to Todd in the first place. "You don't introduce two short people with big heads," Joyce says. Uh, okay.

Then, everyone heads to Savannah, where Kandi gets into it with Kenya Moore. "We do this every time we take a group trip," Kenya says. "It's not right."

"Who died and made Kenya the principal of the bus ride?" Cynthia Bailey asks. We didn't even know that bus rides had principals.

When Kenya says, "We have to be respectful to each other," Kandi screams at her, "Don't nobody give a f—k about what you sayin', so sit your ass down!"

We can't wait for the wild episode, since we have a feeling these women can cause some serious drama on a bus together. 

Source: Bravo