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We’ll admit that we’ve given Kenya Moore a bit of a hard time ever since she joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta last season, but our hearts broke for her last night when she went into detail about her non-existent relationship with her mother and the likelihood that it will be difficult for her to have biological children.

Ever since we met Kenya, she’s had marriage and babies on the brain. But during last night’s episode of RHoA she began to reevaluate her desires and priorities. Kenya had always imagined getting married first and then having some kiddos, but during an emotional conversation with her Aunt Lori (who is pretty damn amazing!) the single gal realized that what she really wants is a child, husband or not.

Unfortunately Kenya alluded to the fact that it might be more difficult for her to get pregnant than she initially thought, which is something she also addressed in her latest blog. The lack of relationship the beauty queen has with her own biological mother isn’t making things any easier either.

“Everyone has a story. Everyone has suffered loss, pain, or rejection on some level,” she writes. “My story of my mother has been written and published for 42 years. My story of having a family of my own is still being written. I have had a series of unfortunate setbacks, but I have faith in knowing that God has a plan for me. My Aunt believes that if a baby is what I want now, then I should focus on that.”

And while Kenya has made her desire for a baby very clear, she’s also currently seeing someone very special, and their relationship seems stronger than ever. The lucky fella is even rumored to be a Nigerian oil tycoon. Get it, girl!

Kenya concludes, “For me, I will explore all my options as I have someone special in my life. I have learned my lesson about pressuring a man for marriage. With that said, I will continue to work on myself so that I can be the best woman, friend, companion, and mother to my future children… God’s speed.”

We don’t often give Kenya enough credit, but we think that she’s got a terrific attitude about the next stage of her life. She’s got a great man and knows that she will be a wonderful mother, no matter what it takes.

We’re you surprised to learn that Kenya has been through so much? Tell us your thoughts below!

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