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Kenya Moore has recorded a video of herself impersonating her fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta stars. And it's rather brutal  but it is funny, too.

"I'm gonna be Porsha, and I'm just gonna try to scream and talk over you, all the while I'm making no sense at all," Kenya says while sounding like Porsha Stewart.

"Oh, my god, I went out today to go jog  and I'm getting a divorce!" Kenya continues as Porsha. "Oh, my god, I need to buy a new pair of shoes  because I'm getting a divorce!"

Then, Kenya mimics Phaedra Parks, and it's pretty mean. "I just had a baby, and even though I'm wearing all these clothes that's way too tight for me 'cause I sho' don't have my pre-baby body  not from the first baby, not from the second  I still gonna wear all kind of tight clothes," Kenya says as Phaedra. "And it's not gonna matter to anybody but me 'cause I think I look good! Mmm-hmm." Yikes.

As Kandi Burruss, Kenya says, "You keep talking, but nobody is listening!" And then Kenya gets all pouty for Cynthia Bailey, saying, "Okay, now tell me, now what's really going on?"

What do you think of Kenya's impressions? Do you think she's out-of-line?

Source: Bravo