Credit: Bravo

Our jaws are still on the floor after what happened between Kandi Burruss's mom — aka Mama Joyce — and Phaedra Parks during tonight's all-new episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta on December 15.

Joyce stops by Phaedra's office for some legal advice about what could potentially happen to Kandi's assets if she and soon-to-be hubby Todd Tucker split up. Seems innocuous enough, right? Wrong. The conversation takes a negative turn when Joyce throws shade at our favorite Southern belle, grilling her about why she introduced Kandi and Todd in the first place. Phaedra does her best to keep it classy, but Mama Joyce is not backing down.

Not only does Joyce take issue with Todd's financial status (apparently his income has declined since meeting Kandi), but she also picks on his physical appearance. "He's short," Joyce scowls. "He's got a big head."

Credit: Bravo

Phaedra's just as shocked as we are and tries to turn the convo away from Todd's shortcomings (no pun intended) to the question on everybody's mind. "Would you come to the wedding?" she asks Mama Joyce. "I doubt it," Kandi's mom snips.

We can't believe this woman! And neither can Phaedra, who informs the displeased matriarch that Todd's not going anywhere and that he's definitely "the one" for Kandi — which doesn't sit too well with Mama Joyce who snaps back, "That's why I could choke you right now." Whoa, this is getting real! Keep your shoes on, J.

Thankfully, the situation between Joyce and Kandi improves (slightly) later in the episode when the two have a mother/daughter heart-to-heart. After some heated back-and-forth bickering, Joyce finally decides to back off … for now.

"I have decided to wash my hands of your relationship and I will do my best to stay completely out of it," she tells Kandi. "And if Todd make you happy, I'm happy and whatever happen happen."

Does this mean Mama Joyce will RSVP "yes"? Only time will tell, but we sincerely hope she comes around and does the right thing — we hate seeing Kandi cry!

Do you think Mama Joyce would *really* ditch her own daughter's wedding? We want to hear your thoughts, so hit the comments and dish!