Credit: Bravo

People get offended and scared as the Savannah trip continues on the upcoming episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In this episode promo video, the ladies learn that they might be have some unexpected companions. 

"There's a lot of haunted houses in Savannah," a hotel employee informs them.

Upon hearing this, Porsha Stewart says, "I didn't decide to come and sleep with ghosts and the Boogie Man and the Cookie Monster." We're guessing Porsha doesn't want to have to give up any baked goods.

The ladies take a tour of one of the stop on the Underground Railroad. "The Underground Railroad passed right beneath us — to this day, we don't know how they got in or out," a tour guide tells them.

But Porsha doesn't realize that there isn't a real train involved. "There has to be an opening at some point 'cause somebody's driving the train," Porsha reasons. Makes sense to us! But Kandi Burruss exclaims, "It's not a real train!"

Later, Phaedra Parks is told not to be late, and she doesn't appreciate this. "I have a job, so I'm offended by it," Phaedra says. 

We can't wait for more spooky drama in Savannah!

Source: Bravo video