Credit: Instagram

One more reason why we love Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart is her willingness to be keep it real, which includes being willing to post photos without makeup on.

The recently divorced Porsha took to Instagram on December 17 to post three photos of herself going all-natural, and she still looks as stunning as ever. 

"Yass, lawrd  I'm ready for my Naked hair clip-ins & makeup beat-down tonight!" Porsha captions the photos on December 13. Too funny!

So what's the reason why she's planning to get all dolled-up? As it turns out, she's about to be hard at work. "After being lazy, I'm about to get all glamorous for #beamers !" she continues. "#cuterpicscoming lol."

In case you don't know what she's referring to, Porsha periodically appears at Beamers nightclub in Dallas, as she was doing last Friday. 

"This Just In: Porsha Stewart will host the all new Flirt Fridays at Beamers tonight," reads Beamers' website. 

Porsha definitely has the right to get her flirt on, now that her divorce from ex-husband Kordell Stewart has been finalized. And we think it's great that Porsha is finding time for a little clubbin'.

Would you go to a club event if Porsha hosted one in your hometown?

Source: Instagram