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Don't you hate it when things have confusing names? If so, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart is right there with you, as she and her co-stars learn about the Underground Railroad. All aboard!

In this hilarious preview video clip, the ladies visit one of the stops on the Underground Railroad — which was the network of paths and safe houses that enabled slaves to escape to free states  but Porsha doesn't realize that there was no actual train involved.

"Well, there has to be an opening for the railroad at some point  somebody's driving the train," Porsha tells the group. "It's not electric like what we have now." Say what?

After a moment of awkward silence, Phaedra Parks speaks up, saying, "It wasn't a train, baby." Cynthia Bailey can't believe what she's hearing and tells us, "Really? Like, you really thought there was an actual train that took them through?"

But Porsha still can't accept that there was no actual train running under the floor. "I'm thinking it was like wide space," she continues. "'Cause I know that one particular person actually made it." Oh, did you? That must have been one hard-working person.

And when her friends again try to explain the truth to her, she tells them, "Nah, I'm saying, how did they even get through there in the first place." Oh, dear.

"Ding-dong! He's not talking about, put fifty cents on the train, on the damn public bus," NeNe Leakes tells us. Poor Porsha!

Source: Bravo