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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore has some not-so-kind words for Phaedra Parks when asked about Phaedra's various career paths. 

Kenya appears on this week's Watch What Happens Live and is asked how she feels about Phaedra switching from being a lawyer to opening up a funeral home.

"I think that it's obvious that Phaedra is a horrible attorney, number one," Kenya says bluntly. "No one hires her. Kandi, you know... none of us have hired her. And I think that she has done what she has to do, which is admirable  she's switching careers, which is a good choice." 

Andy Cohen wants Kenya to clarify what she means, so he asks her, "So you think she's switching careers because she's a bad attorney." 

As it turns out, Andy had gotten it right. "Yeah, I think she's gotta pay the bills  and she already looks like a mortician in her interviews, so I think it's befitting," Kenya adds. Talk about snarky!

Phaedra spoke over the summer about how she had to give up embalming while she was pregnant. "Being pregnant, I've had to stop embalming," Phaedra had said.

Do you think Kenya makes a good point? Or is she out-of-line?

Source: Bravo