Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Kandi Burruss and Mama Joyce with Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams loves to gab about The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and on a recent episode of THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW, she was talking about a possible RHoA shakeup, even offering her own thoughts on the matter.

Wendy noted that there were a few reports stating that Porsha Stewart could be getting the boot from RHoA, but we urge you  to take this with a grain of salt. However, Wendy maintains that she has no problem with Porsha, but she does think another Housewife should get the axe. Yikes!

Speaking about which gal is rumored to be on the chopping block, Wendy says, “I was praying that it was going to be Phaedra, and Apollo, and the cute boys. I’ve told you for years, Phaedra is boring! She’s dumbed down to be on this show. You know she’s a smart woman, but what she’s been doing on the show, I just don’t want to see it anymore.”

Wendy also mentioned that a second H’wife could be getting fired, but we urge you to keep that salt handy. “I hope the second one is Phaedra,” she declared. “You know that I think Cynthia is very boring and I wanted her to go at first, however I’m a woman and I change my mind frequently and often on this show.”

Now coming to Cynthia’s defense Wendy said, “Cynthia is needed on this show because she is the calm best friend who is best friends with everyone. Plus, she’s really hot to look at.” Cynthia may be safe in Wendy’s book, but she still thinks Phaedra and Porsha’s fates are up in the air. “I’m thinking Porsha and maybe Phaedra [will leave the show] but we’ll be watching the reunion and the rest of the episodes.”

Wendy’s Phaedra and Porsha theory is a lot to take in, but we highly recommend you watch the entire clip below to hear Wendy’s other theory about how Kenya Moore’s boyfriend is totally fake!

What do you think about everything Wendy has to say? Check out the clip and share your thoughts below!