We love Porsha Stewart and have never judged her for not being the sharpest tool in the shed, but on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the single gal really embarrassed herself. During the girl’s trip to Savannah this week, the ladies decided to sneak in a little culture and paid a visit to the First African Baptist Church, which served as a stop on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War.

All of the ladies seemed enthralled by the church and its history. And then there was Porsha Stewart. Porsha started off innocently enough, explaining that it’s especially important for today’s African American youth to understand where they came from. But when the tour guide showed the ladies several holes in the sanctuary floor and explained that the holes were there because the church was part of the Underground Railroad and slaves used to hide there, Porsha wondered how a large train was able to fit underneath where they were standing.

Most of Porsha’s co-stars kept the snickers off their faces and explained to Porsha that the Underground Railroad wasn’t an actual train, but when she still had difficulty understanding the concept, even we cringed.

Many of the gals got a laugh out of this misunderstanding, but Kenya Moore didn’t find Porsha’s lack of understanding about the subject particularly funny. She aired her grievances on Twitter, first writing, “now u know which HW doesn't know that the Underground Railroad wasn't a literal train. I want to laugh but it makes me want 2 cry #RHOA.”

Minutes later, Kenya added the following: “When her grandfather fought 4 civil rights that she bragged about, to not know that there wasn't a literal train! #freedomwasnotfree #RHOA.” Indeed Porsha had been talking about her grandfather, Hosea Williams, just moments before this faux pas.

Hosea was a respected civil rights leader, and as one of the Housewives pointed out during the episode, Porsha’s misunderstanding was likely enough to make him turn over in his grave.

Were you shocked by Porsha’s understanding (or lack thereof) of the Underground Railroad, or should we write it off as a simple mistake? Tell us your thoughts below!