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On this week’s upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore will finally extend the proverbial olive branch to Phaedra Parks, but she picks the oddest time to do it: right when Phaedra is about to pump breastmilk! It's kinda hard to grab on to a branch when your hands are full.

Still, in this sneak peek from Bravo, Kenya perches herself in Phaedra's room with her little dog on her lap and attempts to put their past behind them. Meanwhile, Phae-Phae could not be less interested.

"I'm in a great place, I'm three months away from graduating from school, I have a new baby… I'm over it!" she informs Kenya, as she sets up her pumping gear.

When Kenya continues to rehash their former issues, Phaedra goes ahead and actually starts using her pump, while Kenya looks on.

To the Bravo cameras, Kenya complains, "I'm trying to be the bigger person, but what does shady Phaedra do? She tries to shuck and jive and do everything but talk about the facts and the truth."

Maybe Phaedra could have taken a few minutes to sit down and hear Kenya out before going about her business, but in her defense, her girls looked like they were ready to pop.

"I have children to feed, people to bury, and cases to try, so honey, please visit someone else, cause I don't have time for you," Phaedra told the cameras.

By the end of the conversation, it seemed like the women agreed to be civil and use their trip in Savannah as a new start, though there was no hugging it out or anything — Phaedra made sure of that!

Do you think Phaedra should have waited to pump and talked to Kenya, or should Kenya have visited Phaedra at a later time? Sound off below!

Source: BravoTV