Credit: Talking With Tami Photo: Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas and Her Sister Malorie at The Bailey Agency's School of Fashion Opening

We haven’t seen Cynthia Bailey’s sister Malorie on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in quite some time, but — much to Peter Thomas’s dismay — Mal will return next week, and she has a big announcement that could change everything for the couple.

As devoted RHoA fans may recall, Malorie and Peter have never gotten along. Mal (along with Cynthia’s mom) tried to hide the couple’s marriage license on their wedding day a few years ago, so it’s safe to say that Cyn’s sis has never really approved of Cynthia and Peter’s union. Instead, Malorie was concerned that Peter was taking advantage of her sister and her finances.

In the sneak peek below Mal makes her triumphant return to Atlanta and Peter doesn’t even attempt to hide how displeased he is. Things only get worse when Malorie drops a huge bomb on the duo: She’ll be relocating to Atlanta for the next few months!

When Peter nervously inquires as to exactly where Mal will be lodging, she replies with a smile, “with you.” As you may have guessed, it only takes about two seconds for Peter to protest the move.

“You just move into people’s houses without asking them?” Peter rhetorically questions, before turning to his wife, noting, “We never had a talk about this at all.. I’m surprised.”

Apparently, Mal had just told Cynthia about her relocation as well, but she understandably doesn’t seem as bothered by the news. Still, Cynthia is no stranger to the tension between Peter and Malorie, and she isn’t quite ready to deal with that again.

As Cynthia explains to the Bravo cameras, “My family is always welcome in my life, however, they just can’t come up in here and disrupt stuff now. I think my relationship with my husband works really well when people respect our space.”

Check out the full sneak peek below to see the entire awkward and intense exchange.

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Source: Bravo