Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Sweetie and Brielle Love the Camera

Things may have gotten a little tense between Kim Zolciak and her assistant, Sweetie Hughes, toward the end of her time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but there's no doubt that Sweetie is definitely a part of the family again these days — the Alice of the Biermann Bunch, if you will!

Kim's sassy sidekick had a birthday over the weekend and spent the big day celebrating with Kim and the fam.

Kim started off the day with an all-caps Tweet for her longtime gal pal, writing, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @sweetieHughes WE LOVE YOU!!!!!"

Later in the day, Kim took to Instagram to repost a little collage tribute to Sweetie, with the caption, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY @sweetiehughes repost from@biermannfamilyfans we love you Sweetie!!!!!!"

The photo montage included some solo shots of Sweetie, as well as several photos of her and Brielle and her and Kim, including one gem from back in the day of a wiggy Kim and Sweetie kicking back with some beers on the couch. Oh, memories!

But her real treat came that night when Kim's amazing husband, Kroy, prepared a home-cooked meal in her honor.

"Hubby cooked dinner for @sweetiehughes birthday!!!" Kim posted on Instagram, with a picture of Sweetie and Brielle, both looking pretty at the camera.

Apparently, Kroy did a good job. Following the feast, Sweetie took to Twitter to write, "I just had the best dinner ever in a long time thanks to @Kimzolciak  and @biermann71."

Happy birthday, Sweetie!

Are you surprised that Sweetie is still such a big part of Kim's life? Share your thoughts below!