Credit: Instagram Photo: Porsha Stewart Poses With A.Z ARAUJO at New York Fashion Week

Oh, snap, ya'll. Wendy Williams just put Porsha Williams in her place, big time. Wendy was so annoyed over The Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie's ignorant comments about the Underground Railroad, that she seems to have given up on Porsha completely.

“She was an embarrassment at that point to all my people. And here she goes saying that she’s the granddaughter of a Civil Rights leader, and the whole bit. It was a real dumb black moment right there," Wendy ranted.

And now, Wendy doesn't understand why Porsha would buy herself such a huge house out in suburbia, instead of getting herself a smaller place in downtown Atlanta where all the single people live. We have to admit that Wendy makes a valid point.

Still, maybe her closing message to Porsha was a bit on the harsh side.

“My advice to Porsha is keep your mouth shut and marry well. Sorry Porsha, you did it to yourself," Wendy concluded.

In response to Wendy's tough love, Porsha took to her Twitter to send Wendy a message of her own.

"Should you stay with your husband after he cheats? Or Should you judge everybody else and not want to be judged? @WendyWilliams," Porsha wrote, referring to the fact that Wendy's hubby cheated on her over a decade ago and she decided to stick around.

It looks like we have another Wendy-Real Housewife war on our hands, people — Williams vs. Williams!

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