Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Kenya Moore Watches Beyonce in Concert

We all know Kenya Moore is on the hunt for a Baby Daddy, but we didn't know talk-show vet Arsenio Hall was making her short list! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star appeared on his program on Tuesday, January 21, and she straight-up asked Arsenio if he was interested in fathering her future child. Check out the video for yourself, below.

After confirming that she was now clear to have a child following her fibroid surgery two weeks ago, Kenya quipped to Arsenio, "I'm ready to go. What are you doing at six o'clock?"

Even though she was obviously kidding, the audience still loved Kenya's hilarious sense of humor and erupted into cheers and laughter, while Arsenio shifted in his chair sheepishly.

Once the crowd died down a bit, Arsenio pointed out that his involvement would conflict with the rest of Season 6.

"If we do go to dinner at six o'clock," he responded, "I ruin the plotline for the show… isn't there a sperm bank in the future?"

Kenya didn't confirm or deny if she plans on using an anonymous donor for her baby-making.

"I am very analytical and I think about what all my options are, so I did visit a sperm bank because I wanted to know ... if I have to do that route and I don't want to have the ties to a Baby Daddy, if I'm not married by that time … maybe that's an option, too," Kenya said.

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