Ever wonder what Porsha Williams loves? You're in luck! As it turns out, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star decided to channel the Sound of Music and come up with a little list of her favorite things. Spoiler: They are all super "Porsha."

The newly single Porsha went on Twitter to share her top three, along with a photograph showcasing each item.

"3 fav things: #1 "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young /Thnx Shirley Murdock, #2 candles by Bella, #3 Head Band by Dior," Porsha revealed.

The first is an inspirational book by missionary Sarah Young, who jotted down her daily conversations with Jesus and ended up putting her thoughts into a book offering a devotional for each day of the year.

Credit: Porsha Stewart on Twitter Photo: Porsha Stewart's Favorite Things

Next is the beautiful candle, complete with a gorgeous gold holder, and finally the Christian Dior headband, which looks a lot more like a tiara than anything else. Super sparkly all around, the hair accessory has a blinged-out bow on top. It's beyond girly and totally Porsha's style!

All three of her top choices are arranged on a mirrored table, creating a very artistic shot. We're thinking that taking cool pictures isn't far behind on Porsha's list, not to mention her love of selfies.

Porsha then asked her fans to chime in on what three things they consider to be their favorites. We think that's a great idea!

What are YOUR three favorite things in the world? Are you surprised by the items that Porsha holds dear? Share your own picks and your thoughts in the comments section below!