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It wasn’t too long ago that T.I. Harris and Tiny Harris caught the media’s attention with their argument at the 2014 Grammy Awards, and now it appears the twosome are at odds once again. It appears that rapper and reality TV star T.I. Harris isn’t too keen with his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, posting photos of her exposed derrière on Instagram and took to Instagram to express his concern over Tiny’s latest posts.

It all started when Tiny took to Instagram to show off her shrinking waist, with the caption “Getting my sssh together!!” That’s when T.I. re-posted the photos (which he’s seem to have since taken down) with his own tailored caption:

Credit: Instagram Photo: T.I. Responds to Tiny Showing Off Her Body on Instagram

“U have so much more going for u other than your a$%. Although it is magnificent, I think u should spend just as much time showcasing those other things as u do ya booty..awesome pic luv.”

Once Tiny saw her husband’s comment, she responded with the comment “I wasn’t showing off my ass in this pic it was about my waist..u just looking at the ass bae! U no I wasn’t saying getting my sh-t together about my ass now don’t u? But glad u like it bae.”

While quite a few fans thought T.I.’s post came out of concern, others took his commentary to mean that the rapper may be a bit controlling — especially since he took to the internet to coyly reprimand his wife for showing off her ample “assets.”

Credit: Instagram

Sadly, the online exchange didn’t do too much to quash rumors that these lovers are in a bit of a rut, which many are speculating to be caused by some infidelity on T.I.’s part and a possible extra-marital baby!

Obviously we hope that the affair rumors aren’t true but in the meantime we hope these two come to some kind of Instagramming compromise.

Do you think T.I.’s comments were genuine concern or too controlling? Sound off in the comments below!