Credit: Cynthia Bailey on Instagram

We really thought that Cynthia Bailey was firmly on her husband Peter Thomas’s side on Real Housewives of Atlanta two weeks ago, when he faced off with Cyn’s bestie NeNe Leakes. Peter disapproved of NeNe’s cold and awkward speech at Kenya Moore’s Saving Our Daughters ball, and told the Glee star that she shouldn’t have let her issues with Kenya impinge on the charitable event.

At the time, it appeared that Cynthia was seconding her husband’s opinion, and she even admitted that “it wasn’t the right time or right place” for NeNe to deal with her Kenya drama. However, we were surprised to learn on the February 23 ep that the supermodel actually stood up for her friend to her hubby after the party — which caused the two to get into a big fight and stop speaking to one another!

“I wish he would have let me handle it,” Cynthia admits to her sister Mal, adding, “I had a problem with him confronting NeNe.”

Peter was a little harsh with his words, telling NeNe “I don’t really give a f—” at one point, but NeNe actually may have been worse! Mrs. Leakes also falls under the camp of those who don’t believe that men should be getting involved in women’s business — then why do you all keep inviting them places?! — and when Peter called her out, she said that he was “acting like a bitch.” Way harsh, Tai.

We feel for Cynthia when she says, “I don’t want this argument to stop us from being friends.” It can be hard to tow that line between friends and boyfriends/husbands. We just hope she could find the balance eventually!

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