Credit: Lauren Williams on Instagram

Lauren Williams has a very important job — not only is she Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Williams’s assistant, she’s also her younger sister (an even more vital role, if you ask us!). The 26-year-old almost always looks as glam as her reality star big sis while accompanying her to press appearances, but sometimes even this gorg gal has her beauty mishaps.

Credit: Lauren Williams on Instagram

Not long ago, Lauren took to Instagram to share a shot of herself after the CounterPoint Music Festival in Kingston Downs, Georgia. It must have been a wild one, as outdoor festivals are wont to be, because Lo’s hair is looking pretty wild.

“Post #counterpoint hair !! @troystylez I'm headed to #nyc in less than 12 hours! I'm gonna need some help loll,” Lauren captions the hilarious pic.

Not only is Porsha’s lil sis sporting some very serious natural and untamed tresses, she’s also clearly going makeup-free — a departure from her usually polished appearance. Now, Lauren is still pretty young so the makeup isn’t probably as necessary as it is for some, but her hair is definitely in need of some TLC.

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