Always one to throw in her two cents on the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta drama, Wendy Williams weighed in on the rumored feud taking place between Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox during filming for Celebrity Apprentice. First off, she wasn't even sure who would win that battle, but she does think that Kenya crossed the line.

"If Vivica and Kenya had an argument… who would win? They are both some tough smart sisters and I can't figure out who would win, but I can tell you one thing. Crazy delivers usually two things. According to guys, crazy girls have great sex and crazy girls also will windmill you to death. Vivica's not crazy; Kenya's crazy… in a good way," Wendy pointed out in a recent “Hot Topics” segment of her daytime show.

Wendy then went on to divulge the details behind the feud, namely that Kenya stole Vivica's phone, pretended to be her on Twitter, and posted about menopause and how unsexy being 50 is. Needless to say, Wendy was not impressed.

"Really, girl? You'll be 50 in seven years, dearie. Let's see how your sexy lasts, number one. Number two: You know I'm not a fighter but this might make me want to do something. You took my phone, you pretended you were me, and you got on my account, and you talked slick and disrespectful, as if you're 35. Listen, if you don't straighten up, Kenya, you're gonna be a spinster," Wendy warned.

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Source: Wendy Williams Show