While everyone says Todd Tucker is a lucky guy for snagging a catch like Kandi Burruss (and he certainly is) we have to point out that the newest Atlanta Househusband is a bit of a get himself! Not only is Todd a successful TV producer — anyone else excited for Hollywood Divas? — he’s so good to her, and he’s damn cute to boot! It’s actually sort of unbelievable that he’s old enough to be a father of a teenage girl.

Credit: Kandi Burruss on Instagram

But we were reminded of Todd’s status as a father this week when his not-so-little girl, Kaela, headed off to prom! The 17-year-old (he must have been a baby himself when he had her!) did the obligatory pre-dance pics with her dad and stepmom Kandi a few days back, looking gorgeous in a red, one-shoulder gown with back cut-outs. So trendy! And we love her side-swept updo.

“Look at how beautiful @kpt__ was for her prom last night! I don't know if @todd167 is ready for you to be grown yet. Lol! #werk,” Kandi captioned the gorgeous shot.

Todd may not be ready for his baby girl to be so grown-up, but it’s clearly happening anyway! At least he has new stepdaughter Riley who’s still in middle school. Oh, and there’s always the new baby the happy newlyweds are trying for!

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