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While the members of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast aren’t exactly known from their moderation — from their oversized glasses of wine to their over-the-top mansions — but it looks like, when it comes to engagement rings, Kandi Burruss is no size queen.

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During a recent appearance on 106 and Park, newlywed Kandi revealed that she’s more interested in the thought behind the ring than the weight of the rock.

“I don’t really think that the size of the ring matters,” said Kandi. “To me, it’s all about — I like the uniqueness of the ring. If it’s different — I don’t like something that looks like something everyone else is going to has.”

Of course that’s easy for Kandi to say, with a gorgeous 2-carat diamond sparkler from hubby Todd Tucker on her ring finger!

While Kandi may have had realistic expectations for her engagement ring, it seems that prioritizing specialness over sale price isn’t a trait that runs in the family.

“My mama always says she wants something she can take to the bank or to the pawn shop,” said Kandi. “But that’s if you’re thinking y’all going to break up sometime soon.”

Do you think Kandi has the right idea about engagement ring sizes, or is bigger always better?

Source: 106 and Park