Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo

Though most of our favorite reality shows are billed as, well, “real,” there’s obviously a glossed over element to everything we see on them — and that’s the way we like it! It’s a rare moment where we’ll see Kim Kardashian hit the grocery store without a full face of makeup, and you’re probably not going to catch NeNe Leakes without her hair done. But every now and then, we get a peek into their less glamorous lives, and that’s what happened recently with Married to Medicine star Mariah Huq!

Credit: Mariah Huq on Instagram

Now, we’re admittedly a little behind on the times with this shot, but when we stumbled upon it, we had to share! We’ve never seen the always-glam reality star without her silky blowout and colorful makeup before, and it’s a totally different side of Mariah.

“I really did wake up like this. Lol Thank God @sparklethestylist is about to give this natural hair some life! #HealthyHairRocks #curlyFro #LovelyLocks,” Mariah captions the snap, which shows Mrs. Huq sporting her real hair and a makeup free face.

Doesn’t she look fabulous? We actually think this look makes her appear 10 years younger! Just goes to show that, as fun as it can be to get all dolled up, sometimes it’s better to embrace what your mama gave ya!

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