Credit: Marlo Hampton on Instagram Photo: Marlo Hampton Switches Things Up in a Black Bikini

To be quite honest, we never know who Marlo Hampton is dating or how she can afford all of her diamonds and designer goodies, but whoever her latest fellow is, the Real Housewives of Atlanta friend (to some of the ladies, anyway) has made it clear that she’s thrilled in her current relationship.

On June 29, fabulous Miss Marlo tweeted, “This special man in my life NEVER fails to disappoint me and knows a thing or two about showing out...thank you lord!  #MyMan.” That may not seem like much, but given the fact that fashionista rarely says anything about the men she’s courting (she was rumored to be linked to billionaire Ted Turner in the past) we’ll take it!

As you may have guessed, Marlo didn’t offer any additional details about her “man” but if he’s even partially responsible for her blinged out accesories last week then we know why this gal is so happy. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?!

Marlo may have been in a bit of a fender bender last month that resulted in a “busted lip” but our girl’s not even letting that little hiccup kill her love vibe. Another thing Marlo has to look forward to is a possible RHoA spin-off with Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey.

Marlo and NeNe Leakes’s relationship may be beyond repair, but she’s closer than ever with Kenya and Cynthia and we know how much Bravo loves its RHoA spin-offs. Even the Atlanta Househusbands just got the greenlight for a show of their own!

What do you think about Marlo’s mystery man and her refreshingly sunny attitude? Tell us your thoughts below!